1. Entries will be accepted in the "photography" and "video" modalities. The works should be primarily related to the theme of the XX CONBRACE and VII CONCE: "Democracy and Emancipation: Challenges for Physical Education and Sports Sciences in Latin America".

2. The period of submission of works to the Image Room will be from April 3 to June 11, 2017.

3. Submissions may be individual or collective, provided that at least one of the authors is enrolled in the event. Each author can sign up with up to 6 photos and 1 video.

4. Submission consists of completing the online registration form (available here) and sending the visual material (photographs and videos). The confirmation of the submission is conditioned to the receipt of the material by the SIM organization.

5. Participants, at the time of submission, declare that all elements used or included in the project do not violate any right of use of image or intellectual property of third parties, agreeing to assume exclusive legal responsibility for complaint, lawsuit or litigation, or Directly or indirectly, arising from the public exhibition or use of the works.


1. A maximum of 6 photographs per author / group will be accepted.

2. Photographs should be in high resolution. (1500 pixels on the larger side, 300 dpi).

3. It is optional to assign the title to the photographs for the exhibition in the exhibition.

4. Authors should complete the online application form available at In addition to completing the form, they should send the photos in digital version to The "subject" field must contain the full name of the first author and the modality of registration (Ex. Full Name of Author - PHOTOGRAPHY).

5. The digital files sent by electronic mail must be identified according to the following model: full name of the author_photo1.

6. Shipments made after the close of the submission period will be disregarded.


1. Videos submitted to the SIM must have a maximum duration of 10 minutes and must include, in a mandatory form, title and credits. Only videos in ".avi" or ".mpeg" file formats will be accepted.

2. Credits should identify authorship (when available) of the following elements: script, images, animations, locutions, soundtrack, photography, editing, direction, among others.

3. Videos may be entered in the categories:
• Documentary: Videos that explore reality, inspiring reflections on the contemporary social universe. This category includes videos of ethnographic, journalistic, research, extension and teaching reports, among others.
• Fiction: Videos whose content privileges imaginary narratives, although inspired by real facts.
• Animation: Videos whose production process privileges audiovisual animation techniques.

4. Sending the videos for evaluation (in the highest quality possible) will be through one of the sites below:
• Vimeo -
• Youtube -
Note: The SIM organization will provide a tutorial for sending videos during the submission period.

5. Authors must complete the online application form available at and include in the respective field the link to access the video.

6. Shipments made after the close of the submission period will be disregarded.


1. The works (photographs and videos) will be evaluated by the organizing committee of the Image Room according to the following criteria:
• Originality;
• Creativity;
• Suitability to the theme of the XX CONBRACE / VII CONICE.

2. The announcement of the result of the selection is scheduled for July 10, 2017


1. APPROVED photographs should be printed on photographic paper in size 30x40cm (colored or black and white).

2. Photographs must be sent by post to the SIM organization by July 31, 2017 (valid post date). The reverse side must include identification tags with the name of the author (s) and title (when applicable).

3. Failure to send the print version or send the printed images out of the specifications will exclude the material from the exhibition.

Address for sending printed photos and approved videos:
CBCE State Secretary
Faculty of Physical Education and Dance / UFG
Campus Samambaia
Avenida Esperança, s / n - Campus Samambaia - Zip Code 74.690-900
Goiânia / GO


1. The photos and videos will be organized for the exhibition by the SIM organizing committee on 09/16/2017.

2. The authors will not be able to alter this montage, whose purpose is to provoke in the visitors the multisensorial reflection on the subject.

3. The exhibition will be open to visitors during the congress period (17 to 21/09/2017).

4. Authors must attend the debate with the public at a later date and shall be entitled to a certificate of participation.

5. The papers should be removed by the authors at the end of the congress. The works not removed will be part of the memory files of the Image Room.

Note: The Brazilian College of Sports Sciences (CBCE) does not carry out an insurance contract for the works exhibited in the Image Room and declares itself free of any responsibility in the event of theft, loss and eventual damages caused to the respective works.
For questions and information, please contact