The Thematic Workgroups (GTTs) are organizational instances of the Colégio Brasileiro de Ciências do Esporte (CBCE) responsible for connecting research centers with common interests, and also for providing reflection, production, and dissemination of knowledge on the subject.
In CONBRACE/CONICE, activities which will take place simultaneously in 5 shifts connected to the 13 currently existing Workgroups. Papers submitted as Posters and oral presentations must be connected to any of the following Workgroups:

GTT 01 - Physical Activity and Health
GTT 02 - Communication and Media
GTT 03 - Body and Culture
GTT 04 - Epistemology
GTT 05 - School
GTT 06 - Professional Qualification and the Work World
GTT 07 - Gender
GTT 08 - Inclusion and Difference
GTT 09 - Leisure and Society
GTT 10 - Memories of Physical Education and Sports
GTT 11 - Social Movements
GTT 12 - Public Policy
GTT 13 - Sports Training